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The accidental circular construction specialists.

We never set out to be green

It just made sense. To us it’s good building and manufacturing practice.

Our purpose is

To build smarter, faster, leaner and greener.

More smarts.

Less waste.


Recyclable at building end of life


Energy used in design & manufacture is generated from onsite solar. The remaining 27% is purchased with carbon offsets.


Termite proof


Wastage in manufacture & construction

We believe we have a social responsibility

That’s why we employ local. We train our staff. We care for them. We support them through tough times. And we give back.

We strive to…

Take a circular economy approach to building and manufacturing. To create resilient, flexible buildings that stand the test of time.

We provide certainty and sovereignty.

We’re proudly Australian owned, designed, made and certified.

Our focus is

To do more

with less

in faster time




Reduction in waste using DFMA compared to traditional construction


Average reduction in steel tonnage using light gauge DFMA compared to traditional construction


Wet weather delays due to DFMA production


Saved in construction time

Our certifications

It’s our responsibility to have transparency around our processes and materials. We are proud to use Responsible Steel.

Building rating schemes

Are you looking to achieve certification? Our products and systems can help you achieve Green Star and ????

Our kit of parts offers competitive advantages.

Reducing steel tonnage, construction time, trades on site, truck movements and waste, impacts of wet weather and site closures.